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New Builds

Early involvement in your facility design is key. Network Advisors will design an infrastructure for your business. We will provide vital input regarding reliability, scalability, security, remote access, and serviceability; reducing unexpected downtime and saving you money in the long term.



Campus Wireless Networks

Wireless networks require flexibility, reliability, and management. Network Advisors delivers wireless coverage for large area and high volume networks. Once in production Network Advisors can monitor your network for appropriate use as well as address most technical issues.


Digital Signage

This exiting evolution of active/passive customer interaction is changing the way retail, entertainment venues, healthcare, and commercial facilities are designed. Network Advisors designs the backbone of your Audio Video infrastructure, recommends audio and video endpoints, and provides options for content delivery systems.


Secure Network Integration

You have one internet connection yet multiple systems which need to access it. Securing these networks is important and often required by industry specific regulations.



  • Point of Sale systems (POS) have specific requirements associated with credit card transactions. These requirements (PCI) are specific and require a network design that allows your to operate your business securely while providing the flexibility a growing business demands.

  • Medical Facilities must meet network and data access requirements as dictated by HIPPA. Multiple levels of access and separation of the Practice Management network from radiology networks (PACS) and public wi-fi networks are the roots of an engineered network design.

  • Movie Exhibitors are required to provide secure, fault tolerant, and performance certified data networks. The requirements come from a number of sources. Theater owners must meet DCI specifications for their digital cinema networks and PCI specifications for their point of sale networks.



Multisite Networks

Where the money is made and where the business is managed are often not in the same place. Network Advisors will seamlessly integrate your business applications between your headquarters and remote locations.